The following tests are to be ridden as of 1st Jan 2014. Please note the amendments and corrections. A single file containing all the test and amendments can be found here.


Preparatory Preliminary Novice Elementary
Preparatory A
Preparatory B
Preparatory C
Preparatory D
Preparatory E
Test E for 60x20
Preliminary 1.1
Preliminary 1.2
Preliminary 1.3
Novice 2.1
Novice 2.2
Novice 2.3
Elementary 3.1
Elementary 3.2
Elementary 3.3


Medium Advanced FEI
Medium 4.1
Medium 4.2
Medium 4.3
Advanced 5.1
Advanced 5.2
Advanced 5.3
Prix St George
Intermediate I
Intermediate II
Grand Prix