Competition Rules

South Coast Euqestrian Club competitions will be run in accordance with the EFA Dressage Competition Rules and Procedures (Jan 2008).

Please pay particular reference to:

  • Horses may only compete in 2 consecutive levels (eg Prelim / Novice)
  • Horses are restricted to 3 tests per day
  • Ponies must not exceed 149cm (with shoes, 148cm without shoes) and may compete in Associate
  or Official Pony  
  • Juniors can compete in Junior events until the end of the year they turn 16
  • Times will be strictly adhered to. Failure to report to the judge at the allocated time may result in elimination
  • Dress and footwear as per Section 3, page, EFA rules
  • Riders under 18 must wear Australian Standards helmets. Riders over 18 - as per rule book Section 2.2
  • Whips must not exceed 1.2m. Gloves must be worn in all tests
  • Horses my only be ridden by the designated competitor on the day

The EFA rules are updated from time to time. A complete set of rules is available from the EFA or downloadable from the EFA website It is the responsibility of all competitors to be familar with the rules and update their rulebook regularly.

  • Neither organisers nor the owner of the grounds accepts any liability for any accidents, damage, injury
  or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators or other persons or property whatsoever  
  • Only horses entered in the competition are allowed on the grounds
  • All horses must be under the control of a competent handler. The handlers of horses exhibiting behaviour
  posing a danger to other horses, competitors or spectators may be asked to remove their horse from the  
  grounds. Stallions must be controlled with a suitable restraining bit and head collar whilst being led  
  • Strictly no lunging in warm up area. Lunging is to be performed only in the designated area.
  • Riders are eligible to compete in Open, Junior or Open Pony categories but are restricted to one category
  per horse.  
  • Ribbons will be awarded to thrid place then one in every four competitors to 6th place.
  • Test papers can only be collected once the last score from the test has been entered onto the scoreboard
  and the placings calculated. Official tests cannot be collected until the judge has checked and signed the  
  score sheets.  
  • Instructors may only instruct from the side of the warm up arena.
  • Competitors must report to the gear steward before riding each test and no earlier than 10 minutes before
  the test.  
  • In the interest of safety for animals and competitors - all dogs must be kept securely on a leash at all times.

Please note ... SCEC competitions are alcohol free zones