HOTY Pointscore Rules

- Horse and Rider of the year prizes are awarded at the following levels – Preparatory, Preliminary, Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advanced and FEI.  
- Winners at each level are the horse (pony) and rider combinations with the highest cumulative points gained at that level.  
- All divisions at each level are combined to establish the horse and rider of the year at that level- ie. Associate, Official, Pony and Junior.  
- In the event of equal points for the Horse Of The Year award, eligible scores for each combination will be combined and averaged; the combination with the highest score will be awarded the prize.  
- Perpetual Trophies are awarded to the divisions of Open, Pony and Junior on the basis of cumulative points (can be more than one level).  
- Competitors may enter junior competitions up to and including the year in which they turn 18 years of age.  
- Both owner and rider of the horse must be current financial members of the club to receive points.  
- Points are awarded from date of membership renewal/joining date.  
- The first 5 competitions of the year will be eligible for points.  
- Riders must compete in at least 3 of the eligible competitions during the year, within any level or class.  
- Points will be accrued on scores of 58% and above at each level.  
- If 3 tests are entered at any level during an event – the best 2 results will be used for the point score calculations.  
- The pointscore is determined by the cumulative scores achieved (%) in each dressage test by the combination.
(Eg. 70.00%=70.00 points, 58.25%=58.25 points)
- The committee reserves the right to consider all cases of eligibility.