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SCEC members are welcome to atend any SCEC committee meeting. 2017 meetings will generally be held the second Wednseday of the month, commencing at 7.00pm at the Albion Park Bowling Club. We suggest you contact a commette member to confirm date and time..

You can contact the SCEC at ...

South Coast Equestrian Club (Inc.)
PO Box 179
Jamberoo NSW 2533

If you have any further questions or enquiries, please contact …

Leanne Micallef
0439 464 631
Vice President
Ebony-Lee Holz
0408 165 231
Draw Coordinator
Frances Simmonds
0411 092 207
Amanda Whittall
Amy Langlands
Public Officer
Carlee Mottley
Ewa Mantaj
Judges Co-ordinator
Sandra Eldridge
0402 858 627