About the SCEC

The South Coast Equestrian Club (SCEC) is situated in the Southern Wollongong area of New South Wales and has a growing membership of around one hundred enthusiastic riders. SCEC currently runs six dressage competitions a year, which offer events from Preparatory to Grand Prix at both official and unofficial levels. The prime aim is to offer a friendly environment where all levels of riders can compete safely without undue pressure. Pony dressage has become an integral part of the competitions, as has participation by junior riders.

Although a large proportion of members ride up to novice level, SCEC endeavours to give its more experienced riders (some of whom attend the Nationals) the opportunity to have competent judging comment at their club days. To this end, top level judges are enlisted whenever possible.

SCEC members are welcome to atend any SCEC committee meeting. 2017 meetings will generally be held the second Wednseday of the month, commencing at 7.00pm at the Albion Park Bowling Club. We suggest you contact a commette member to confirm date and time..

The Venue

SCEC competitions are currently held at Terry Reserve, Hughes Drive, Albion Park (Map). SCEC grounds are alcohol and smoke free in accordance with council rules.